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The Country Home
July 6 2009

When I was growing up, we lived in a very old house out in the country. I have written about that house and a couple of incidences there. There was one tho, that I did not write about. It was the day that the beneficiary check came after my great grandmothers home was sold. You see, she wanted that house to be kept in the family. I loved that house also, however there were times I was afraid to sleep in it. I wonder if this might have been the reason my great aunts and grandfather chose to sell it, after the death of my great grandfather. Perhaps they had also been afraid at one time or another, but never said anything.
My aunt and I were the only ones in my home when the check arrived for my grandfathers share of that house. My great grandmother had been highly allergic to sulfer. So much to the fact that my great grandfather would often go by horseback in the winter when the snow was heavy and the car wouldn't make it, to a neighboring town to buy special matches that did not contain sulfer. They had to be ordered, so whenever they came in he would go and pick them up, usually getting enough to last thru the winter.
On the day that the check arrived, my aunt and I had walked down the lane to the mailbox. On our way back, we noticed a strange smell as we neared the house. It smelled like sulfer. However, we knew no one was there but us. My aunt made me wait outside as she went in to investigate. Nothing or anyone was found, thus leaving the smell unexplained. She sat the envelope containing the check down on the little table near the couch and we turned on the television. All of a sudden the smell returned quite heavily and surrounded us both. It only lasted for a couple of minutes, but once again my aunt made me go outside and once again, as she investigated. Still, there was no explanation for the smell. There were no factories near, nor had we ever smelled sulfer before that day. Later on that day, after my grandfather came in from work, he sat down to open the envelope up. He knew what was in it, and there were tears streaming down his face. He had not really wanted the old homestead sold either. But, he knew they could all use the money. As he tore open the envelope the living room filled up with the smell of sulfer once more. It lasted for a good 5 minutes, and my grandfather investigated, but no one had lit any matches nor was anyone there except me, my aunt and my grandparents. To this day, I remember my grandfathers words as he said,,

"MOMMA, I am so sorry. I loved the house as much as you did. I shall continue to miss you and daddy very much, and hopefully will see you someday."
After that the smell went away and never returned. My grandfather used the money to pay off medical bills.
I very much believe that there is a hereafter and that somehow or other, our loved ones still know what we do and say.

(c) A.J. Angerstein
july 06, 2009
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