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00PS~~ IT'S A BEAR!!
August 15 2009

I looked out the window of my dorm room, thinking it was going to be such a beautiful day. If I got up, took a quick shower I could follow the trail from Giant Forest over to Lodgepole and be there in plenty of time for work. As I gathered my backpack and put on some regular clothes, I set my camera out beside my pack then realized I needed a couple of extra batteries. I grabbed them, backpack already on and walked out the door.
Crossing the path from Bettle Rock over to the area in front of the cafeteria at Giant Forest, I saw several cars with people milling around. Early to rise 'weekend warriors' were already with their camera's anxiously waiting for a bear to show up. What they didn't know or expect was exactly where that bear would show up. Some of them were stationed beside the dumpster, which actually did no good, the dumpsters had locks on them.
One lady finally took a deep sigh and said, "I'm going to the restroom". As she made her way toward the restrooms she was whistling a happy tune. She also smelled like she had just stepped out of a fruit factory. Apparently she had on some kind of fragrance that was musky, yet very delicious smelling. I stopped her and told her that she really needed to wash the smell of the cologne off, that it would attract the mesquitos. She thanked me, telling me she hadn't even thought about that when she got up and dressed that morning. I started on my way, then came to a dead stop when I heard a loud scream coming from the lady's room. As she came running around the brick entrance her eyes were as big as the trees that surrounded her. She came to a stop a few feet away from me, looking me directly in the eyes and said "MESQUITO'S?? APPARENTLY THE BEARS LIKE FRUIT ALSO"!! A BEAR WAS GOING FROM STALL TO STALL IN THE LADIES ROOM WHEN SHE HAD ENTERED. IT HAD TURNED WHEN IT SAW HER AND STOOD UP. She was pretty sure it was going to mistake her for an apple or orange. Once the bear had succeeding in putting on it's show for the crowd, who were crouched behind the fence, it stood up and grunted and then retreated. The fence of course, wasn't really for crouching, as a bear could easily have gotten between the wooden posts. People were excited as all get out. I went along my way, and a few minutes later I heard the grunt again. I looked up and another bear was about 25 ft up the side of a Giant Sequoia, enjoying it's breakfast of wood ants. I slowly backed away, and reached for my camera. That's when I discovered I had forgotten the camera in my haste to get the batteries. I waited for the bear to finish, then leave and I proceeded on my way to work. In a few hours the lady came into Lodgepole. She entered the gift shop, bought a new set of clothes, some soap and a towel. She went to the guests shower house and returned a few minutes later. As she walked toward me she asked, "IS MAKEUP PERMITTED?" I explained to her that it probably wouldn't be a good idea and then she just smiled. "WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD YOU LIVE IN. NOT HAVING TO GET UP EVERY MORNING AND PUT ON MAKEUP OR HAIRSPRAY OR COLOGNE, LADY YOU HAVE GOT IT MADE."
I had to agree.

(c) A.J.Angerstein aug.15, 2009
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