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August 18 2009

Good Evening Great Spirit, Creator or our Universe

First off I would like to say thank you for bearing with me today. For protecting me in a dark moment of depression with your crystal brightness. I also appreaciate the forgiveness you have given to me for that moment of weakness, of depression, of wondering. I know you always do what and lead where you know best. I know that you are with me, and everyone, even in a dark hour or two. For these things I thank you from the deepest regions of my being. I need your love, your protection. I need your understanding, for as you well know I along with many others don't always understand. We don't always comprehend and that causes us to lose control over our thoughts. I got mad today God, I am so very sorry for that. But, I know you understand. My preacher, Brother Slim told me so, a very long time ago. He told me " all kids get mad at their parents". OF course he wasn't talking about my earthly parents, he was talking about me being mad. Me being mad because of the things that I do not understand. And then tonight, a show, just a simple show on television, got the message across to me. As I sat and cried at the end of the show God, I knew that you were there by me. I knew that you were holding my hand, wiping the tears as they fell from my cheek. I know that you had sent Some of your Precious Angels to me also. I want to thank you also because even though I couldn't be there when she crossed, I know you were there. And that is definitely good enough for me. Please forgive me for my mistakes, for they are many. But, with each of them, a lesson was to be learned. Thank you for those lessons. I guess what I really need to say is "I LOVE YOU< and THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME." TO THEE, MY GOD, THE GREAT I AM, BE THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOREVER.


(c) a.j. angerstein
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