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IT Happened About 330 pm
October 11 2009

ANd it felt so good. That veil of depression suddenly lifted, and a weight of several tons had disappeared. What caused it? Who knows, maybe the chemicals in the brain that causes depression came into alignment. Maybe the stars lined up right, or maybe it was scrubbing the floors, working it out. But, it happened, and finally blessings were counted and a good cup of hot tea was drank, with peppermint, my favorite. So, at least for now, the world seems even, at least my world seems even. Will it hit again? OF COURSE IT WILL. I know that, but until it does, I will not give in, and when it does, I will once again do something, something that will snap me out of it. And it will be good, because I am and I can control it, and I will continue to do so until I can no longer, then and only then will I seek medical help for this. Pills to me, are just trading one problem for another, besides, I would probably forget to take the damned things.
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