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October 13 2009

FOG is what they call the confusion when someone with fibromyalgia gets fuzzy headed. You see, they can't decide if I actually have Fibromyalgia, or if all the hurt i go thru daily is caused by a tick bite that occurred when i was very young and they didn't know what Lyme disease was. And then of course, there is always the never ending "well, it could just be depression" as if hurting on a constant basis in one knee or toe or whereever isn't enough to depress a person. Today is a fog day, so i am not sure if it is actual depression, or the achiness I feel from whatever this is. They won't let me in a fibromyalgia study group. it seems that after you have had one doctor say 'oh you know what,, this has to be lyme disease, then that is it, you are automatically discarded or perhaps thrown out of the 'fibromyalgia' syndrome so to speak. you become ineligible in other words. so today is a fog day, can't remember what i was doing 4 or 5 minutes ago, can't concentrate, why i got an email from a friend saying simply 'lmao'. Did i send her something funny? beats the hell out of me. does it do any good to call my doctor and say ,, 'huh, yeah doc,,' yeah its a fog day,,, noooooooo,,, he says well you know you will have them,,, do the best you can,,,,, best you can what? deal with it? scrub a floor the best you can? remember to dot the i's and cross the t's? just deal with it,,,, so i write,,,, i write to let someone else know,,,, hey i'm having a fog day too, don't fret,,, ive had em before they go away,,, in an hour or maybe 10 mins or maybe u won't wake up in a fog tomorrow its just a fog day that is all it is,,,,

(c) betsy
oct 13th, 2009
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