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In These Times
October 28 2009

When coping with the everyday trials of life is so difficult, keeping depression away, out of sight is almost impossible for anyone. It's impossible because of several reasons. The news for one thing. Some may say 'oh that person is just using excuses' but nonetheless this is true. Not only are the people who suffer with depression trying to cope with their everyday life, but they are also coping with the happenings of the world. When the things begin to pile up, they go one way or the other. They go over the edge to the point of snapping, to the point of not even wanting to get up or they go completely in the opposite direction and just pretend that everything will be just fine and dandy. They do this because no one wants to talk about the depressing state or listen to someone who is suffering from a depressive state.

It becomes even harder if someone they love and care about is also suffering from depression, because of a recent happening in their life such as a loss of job, or loved one, etc.

Depression is an all time consuming disease. It can reach down into the very depths of one's soul and mind and torture them to no end. They see no way out, and it's extremely difficult to deal with. The questions of 'what next', 'the so called 5 "W's", why, when, what, where, etc take over. To deal with it, they may try counseling, the depression drugs, because depression CAN be a chemical imbalance, or depending on GOD to pull them out, all of the above can have it's equally good or bad effects. There seems to be no winning of the war,, just the endless battle of having this disease, once it takes hold.
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