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Star Struck

“Go ahead, make my day.” I remember the day I met Dirty Harry face-to-face, or face-to-chest. He seemed to tower over me in all his legendary glory. It was a somber occasion though. My uncle, film director Don Siegel, had just passed away and Clint Eastwood – having made many movies with him, including Dirty Harry – was there to pay his respects.

There’s an amazing aura a movie star shines, at least when you’re not one yourself. They really are bigger than life – at first. But as I stood there beside Clint (I could call him that now), I swear he seemed to shrink right before my eyes. As we spoke about my departed kin, and their experiences together, it suddenly became so clear…Clint was just another human being like me. Okay, maybe not like me. He is still the coolest cop to every grace the silver screen…but you know what I mean.

I’ve thought a lot about why the ‘star system’ exists, and why we ‘look up’ to their heavenly bodies so much. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it is our own inner light, which we haven’t embraced, that we see in the glow of super stars. Because many of us have opted to be more of a prop in this divine production called our life, rather than the star of our show…we tend to project our own power onto celebrities.

What has been your experience around this? Have you ever met a celebrity? Do you yearn to, or fantasize about it? Do you dream of being one yourself? While it’s fun to admire others expressing their talents, it can also be disempowering if we’re not fulfilling our own.

Share your stories, your opinions, even your pain around this issue…and maybe, just maybe, it’ll help us all shine a little bit brighter.

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