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A Long Winter Illness without food
March 22 2010

This Winter past was an exceptionally long one due to an illness that took years to recognize.
My son 10 years old was suffering from Asberger's, depressin and anxiety. The reason I feel the need to write about this is the fact of this being uncommon made it even harder to find the correct treatment or even a Doctor who would recognize how serious this was before it progressed.
Over the past few years Luke would retreat into his own little world and care little about the world around him. As time went on this continued and he also became agitated often. There weree times when he wouldn't eat and this would go on for a week or two at a time especially when his anxiety peaked.
This fall everything came tumbling down when Luke who was never fond of school due to anxiety, large classrooms of loud children and too much chaos for Luke to process in his mind.Soon Luke refused to go at all and was spending all of his time in his own world all alone quiet and full of anxiety and panic attacks. He then stopped eating altogether for a month long fearful of choking of all things. He was losing weight rapidly and I continued to seek help that I did not find and found myself to be alone in this battle. You see sometimes disease is unseen and unclear and mostly not understood.
With all this going on I found I had to find a hospital to place him for treatment and I made him very aware of what I was doing.To my surprise Luke ate and he ate good for a week so I thought the battle was over but I should have known better from past years that this has happened before but not for as long!
What happend was Luke stopped eating again and it lasted for another month and by Christmas when we were sitting on the couch eating cereal and Luke could no longer go for more than five minutes without panicing I knew I was going to have to do something else. Don't get me wrong I had already called our local crisis center a few times, visited his pediatrician, the emergency room and a few therapists and psychiatrists.
New Years Eve day I found a phone number that saved his life! Monday following Luke entered treatment and for 8 long weeks was treated for his eating as a disorder or phobia that came from his anxiety. He also had to spend some time in the Psychiatric hospital with a feeding tube to nourish his mind so he would be able to function and progress.
We are still fighting this battle but thanks to the right help and doctors who were aware and didn't give up Luke came out of his world that I guess was a world where there was no happiness and he overcame his fear of chocking. He is now an 11 year old who is recovering and I will never give up on him praying for a life full of living.
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Comments from Our Readers

  "Thanks for sharing. This is a very unique disorder and your story will help someone one day not to give up on their child with Asberger's." - Stan, March 22 2010 - reply

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