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July 5 2010

By Brian Young, based on a concept developed by Stan Slavutsky and Carl Macek.

Mika5647784 was one of the first to be sent to the new facility on the Grimaldi Plains. It did not take her long to gather a following with her fellow inmates. It was hard for her to comprehend at first, everything happened in such a flash, she thought she was off the grid and finally happy in her life. The next thing you know she’s giving birth and being sent to the moon like she committed murder. Now she had the run of the place, all the inmates either feared or respected her. The guards on the other hand hated her and tried everything they could to make her life miserable.

She had just finished with the allotted 2 minute shower when she realized the room was dark. “Hello? Is anyone out there?”
At first there was nothing, and then out of the darkness a sinister chuckle could be heard. “Well well what do we have here? If it isn’t mother hen herself.”
Mika froze; she knew that voice only too well. It was Renta465743 also known by the inmates as Boss. She had a reputation as the meanest guards on the moon. She had immediately taken to tormenting Mika every chance she got simply because she didn’t show her fear like all the others have.
“What do you want Renta?” Mika glared at her as she stood in the doorway, the chill of the cold room encircling her naked body.

“Don’t move, don’t speak, and don’t do anything until I tell you to runt.” She said with a sneer. “I hear you have quite a following! Warden wants to make sure you don’t get out of line and try to stir up any trouble.”

“What kind of trouble could I cause you’re the one with the weapons?”
Without warning and lightning fast Mika was on the floor having taken a baton to the head. The darkness had gotten darker as she staggered on her knees.

“I thought I told you not to talk runt!”
Mika looked up at the guard blood dripping from her ear. Without a word she stood and went to the lockers getting dressed.
Mika sat in the infirmary having her bloody ear tended to when Shena123658 walked in sobbing in her hands as she sat on the cot next to her. Mika could tell that the woman was bruised pretty badly. Mika stood and walked to the woman.
“Shena what happened?”

Shena looked up from her hands to see Mika in front of her, she started full out bawling. “I..it was Renta s…s….she said I was causing trouble. All I was doing was walking to my cell, honest I was.”
Mika grumbled under her breath “That woman needs a good beating”
Shena looked up at her with a slight smile. “You should do that maybe it will teach her a lesson”
Mika looked around the room, in a whisper she said “Not so loud someone may hear you, but yea I think you are right, but id need some help keeping the other guards at bay.”

“Leave that to me and the girls”, Shena said with a huge grin now on her face.
Mika had sat back on her cot just as the nurse came back in the room.
“Now then Mika you are all set you should be more careful about where you step in the showers it’s very easy to slip.”
Shena had laughed a cynical laugh and was about to say something when Mika gave her a sharp ‘shut up’ look.
The nurse looked over at Shena “Something funny convict?”

“No! “, was all she managed to get out.
Later that afternoon as Mika sat in her cell alone she heard a voice just outside, she didn’t see the girl but knew her voice. “Mika tonight at supper, she gets what’s coming to her.” She walked off and Mika was once again alone.

Supper time was usually quiet with every one sitting in their little groups. Tonight however the dining hall was abuzz with noise and an air of excitement. Mika sat at her usual table; she was alone as the guards made their first round. She looked over at the next table where Shena was sitting with a slight nod of the head as Renta was passing by the table, as fast as lightning Renta was on the floor with an aluminum trey smashed to her face.
All of the girls immediately went into action attacking the surrounding guards. The hall was a jumble of noise and confusion, woman yelling guards trying to fight back but it was useless, the guards had lost and the convicts now held all the power.

Mika looked down into the stunned face of Renta, “Not so tough now without your backup to help you. Get up!!”
Renta spit blood from her mouth as she got to her knees with a swift kick she threw Mika into a table and was on top of her in a flash, striking a blow to her gut. One hit was all she managed as Mika brought her knee up into the guard and sent her flying back.

Mika looked to see three convicts converge on the guard and she yelled “No!! She is mine” The girls backed off as Mika sailed a fist to the guards face sending her down to the floor. She stood on top of her punching one after another until the guards face was nothing but blood. Finally Shena pulled Mika off the guard. “Enough Mika I think she’s dead.”
Mika looked at her bloodied fists and let them drop to her sides.
“Mika its over we won. The Warden wants to call a truce.” Shena whispered into her ear.

Mika walked to the bared door where the Warden stood. “Let her by.” The warden made her way through the crowed to Mika “We want off this rock Warden. You will get a transport ready to take us back to Earth.”
“I can’t do that Mika.”
“You will do that or you will suffer the same fate as that sadistic guard over there.”

“It will take some time I will need to contact Earth for a shuttle”
“Then do it. Shena go with her make sure she does as told”
As they walked the hall Shena had the gun at the wardens back. They made their way down the hall to her office. “Any funny business and I will shoot you” Shena stated with a grin.
The warden picked up the receiver and put a call through to the main landing base on the moon. “Hello! Yes this is the Warden at Grimaldi Plains I need a shuttle URGENT!”

With that she hung up and looked to Shena “There the shuttle will be here in half an hour.”
“What’s with the Urgent?” Shena asked.
“Just to tell them to get it here ASAP is all” The warden said with a slight grin.
They made their way back to the lunch room where the rest of the inmates were, when they walked in all the guards of the prison were sitting in a tight circle in the middle of the floor, guns trained on the mass of guards.
Mika walked over to Shena as she came in. “Well?”

“The shuttle will be here in half an hour” Shena said
“Good when we go out the guards and Warden will lead the way. Now all of you get to your feet we are headed to the launch bay.”
He guards and Warden lead the way down the halls to the shuttle bay with the inmate’s right behind them guns at their backs. They waited for roughly twenty minutes and at last the shuttle appeared. “Ok the Warden goes with us the rest of you will stay here. Time to go Warden” Said Mika as the doors to the shuttle started to open.
It all happened so fast that the inmates never knew what hit them twenty guards poured out of the shuttle guns firing as they left the shuttle. They didn’t seem to care who they hit, the warden was the first to go down along with the guards and the inmates followed in the mass slaughter. The only one left standing was Mika.

Another person dressed in government issued non military clothing stepped out of the shuttle and walked to her. “Nice work Agent 5647784 you have done your country a great service by helping to wipe out the corrupt among the prison system here on the moon. The leaders will be pleased.”

She smiled and said “Thank you commissioner, always proud to serve my government.”

The Commissioner and Mika boarded the shuttle leaving behind the guards to clean the mess. The shuttle took off making its way back to the base.

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  "Its really cool to see your own work put to good use!" - Brian, July 5 2010 - reply

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