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August 5 2010

Sarah was still lost. Lost was more than just the operative word here. She was more in shock over what had taken place within the span of just a few short weeks. It actually seemed more like a few seconds, given the time frame she and Becky had known each other. They had been best friends for close to 50 years. That friendship had completely disappeared. In fact, if they had ran into each other on the street, it would probably have escalated into what one could call a 'catfight.' The only problem was that they weren't cats. They were two women, who had children, careers, and had been to hell and back on more than one occasion, surviving it all. But this couldn't be survived. Sarah didn't want to survive this one. She didn't want the friendship to end this way, but there was no other way, except to walk away. Becky had to do this one on her own, just as Sarah had done. The only difference was that Becky had the financial backing to do it, and Sarah hadn't had. Becky also had a mother who had loved her, made sure she had nice clothes, a good home, and even college if she had desired to pursue it. Sarah hadn't. Sarah had been 'given' away to other family members to raise. Yet, when the time came, it was she who took care of that biological mother in her old age. She had too, all the other siblings and family was gone. Sarah had too, because it was the moral thing to do. After all, the woman had given her birth. Becky on the other hand, didn't give a damn about the moral aspects of it. She just didn't want to do it. She wanted Sarah to do it for her. In fact, she had flat out stated, "please, Sarah, my mother loves you, and has known you for so long, and you are just like a daughter to her. Please help me with this." Sarah had been more than happy to help. HELP. NOT take over the entire thing. NOT be there 24-7, as Becky had decided she wanted her too. After all, Sarah still had a husband, and animals, and great grandchildren. Becky had a cat. Not a husband, and Becky's daughter was Power of Attorney, in every aspect. Including the financial assets of nearly a million when combined. Why couldn't they get the help the woman deserved, instead of relying on family friends. After all, she needed the professional help that most alzheimer patients need. She may have still been in good health physically, but mentally the woman was really becoming unstable. The HELP turned into to, "OH, just let her fall, and call 911, and oops, we're sorry, we forgot to leave the meds, but we had to go out of town," and 'oh, that's no big deal, all alzheimers patients hallucinate, and have paranoia. Oh, sorry, no you can't turn on the alarm at night, it's motioned detected. So, even the dog could activate it. We've got the baby monitor turned on, should she get up and start wandering, that will wake you up. And, sorry, but we can't let you use the white car, the insurance won't cover you, so you will just have to take the bus or a cab. We will reimburse you." But, the final straw came when Becky came rolling into town to take her mother to the grocery store, stayed a couple of hours, and left, once again leaving everything up to Sarah. After all, Becky's other best friend needed a ride to the store too, and they were going to go out and celebrate her other best friend's birthday. Sarah couldn't do it anymore. She couldn't let Becky pass this off on her. Becky, like she had also had to do, had to accept the responsibility for her own mother. And Sarah knew with everything she had in her heart and soul, that the only way she would, was for Sarah to walk away, turning her back on the one woman she had loved as a best friend for almost 50 years. Sarah had no regrets about the friendship or the times shared. She still had the love in her heart for Becky. She still had the prayers, for as Sarah had learned,


(c) A.J. Angerstein
August 5, 2010
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