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August 7 2010

Sarah is coping with reality. You know the place, the point where everything starts to sink in. She thinks to herself, if that had been me, if I had recieved a text that said, 'enough is enough no more games, no more contact, it is clear that you don't really care about our friendship or your own mother, you have to change your attitude to keep this friendship of 50 years alive', that she would have dropped everything to go and talk to that person she cared so much for. Yet that hadn't happened. All she got back was "I can't believe you are doing this to me, especially when I need you now." Yes, Sarah had reached the point of coping, or perhaps of not coping, but accepting the facts that things were as they were. She was hurt, she was mad, she was ready to give up completely. To move, to start over, to pretend none of this never happened. But she couldn't. She couldn't do that. To give up this part of her, she would be losing so much. She would lose the lessons she had learned. One didn't do that. They didn't run, no matter how much they wanted to.
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