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A Chill
August 14 2010

Sarah couldn't shake the chill that had just run up her spine. It was still nearly 95 outside, and the A.C. was sitting on 78. There should be no chill, not even with the ceiling fan on. However, it was still there. She listened to the monitor beside the bed. The background noise sounded like a radio, but there was no radio on in the house. Yet Sarah swore she heard voices of both sexes. There was a conversation in progress and the words were muffled, with only a few being made out. Words like, it's just not her time, she is just not ready, were coming thru loud and clear. The chill and the air was thick in her room. She knew without a doubt that there was a visitor there, she just didn't know who. She got up to check all the doors and windows but found nothing amiss. And the woman was sleeping soundly, softly snoring. She hadn't moved an inch since having fell asleep. Sarah went back to her room, but as she approached it, she had the feeling of being watched. As she turned around, all she felt was the words, "I am really glad you are here, but this is not your responsibility. But, thank you, and please don't be scared. We won't hurt you, we are just watching over her." Sarah felt a warmth flow thru the room. As she laid down, and switched off the lamp, she could have sworn she her the woman say, "oh, I am so glad to see you."
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