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August 20 2010

I am in a place that, if I could name it, I would call it Serenity. Actually, I am in my bed in the wee hours of the morning. However, in my mind, soul, and dream I am somewhere else. Surrounding me are the people who came before me. I see the smiles, hear the laughter, and feel the Serenity of this place. I can not see the sky, or a bright light, yet the place is blissful, and brillantly lit. I know these people. I know I do, however, I am at a loss for names. Some of them I recognize, some of them I do not, yet there is a familiarity about them that tells me we are blood relations. They are my biological fathers family. There is a spokesperson/man/spirit, whatever one could call him. He says he is my uncle Riley. There is a table in which he and several others, including my daddy are sitting. They have a bag of silver chains with silver hearts hanging from them. There appears to be hundreds of these hearts, and a few gemstones also. Uncle Riley smiles, and says I have learned my lesson well. That the silver heart will be my signal for what is known as family love. Not love between friends, but love between blood relatives, etc. That even though the heart is associated with love, just as the rose is, that my signal for this will be the heart shaped pendants, and as my gifts advance even farther, that I will know when I see the heart what message to give the person. I am hesitant, because of the fact that some people look at this gift as a curse. To me, being able to comprehend, to feel these people, the voices, to know certain things is not a curse, and should not be used for monetary value. That is what the books I write and try to get published are for. Not the messages that I pass on. He agrees with me and the encouragement I receive during this encounter is worth more than all the gold and silver on this earth. I awake, feeling as though I have been truly blessed. I immediately call my auntie and the minute she picked up the phone I asked, "Who is Uncle Riley"? She told me who he was, and that I never got to meet him in this earthly life. Then we spent the next hour or so discussing what had unfolded during this session. I described the people I had seen, since I had not been raised with this portion of my biological family and had not seen many of them since I was very young. As I pointed out certain characteristics of this one or that one, she came up with names, explaining who they were and exactly how they were related to me. I saw at least 4 generations of my fathers family. It indeed is a night I shall remember always. And when I see the silver heart shaped pendant, I will always know what I never really knew before last night. That my biological family on my fathers side really did love me, even tho they never really had the chance to meet me either, and that I am not cursed, but blessed to have this gift, and that the heart is where the blood related love comes in at.

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