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For Medicinal Purposes
September 5 2010
[ Non-fiction : Health/ ]

Well, apparently you have to drink at least 4 ounces of red wine for the medicinal purposes to take effect. At least that is what the internet says. You see, I ended up in the emergency room the other day. My neck popped, and my hips locked up. They did all kinds of tests and found a pinched nerve, and of course the elevation of the whatchamacallit, you know, the clotting factor of the blood. So, the doctor on duty told me that since I have had a blood clot before, and that since I am a high risk patient who absolutely refuses to walk around like a zombie all day and not be able to hold an intelligent conversation, that perhaps I might try this drinking of the red wine once a day. So, I decided to check it out. I am not a drinker, therefore toleration of alcohol is not an easy thing for me to achieve. What really got to me, is that I decided to do my very level best to quit smoking. And so therefore, my husband and I shared 2 whole packages of cigarettes for a whole entire week. My levels of clotting actually went up. I get tested regularly for this. I had gone from a 5 pack a week person to less than 20 cigarettes a week. 5 paks is over a hundred individual smokes a week. But, since my legs were cramping enormously bad, and distorting during the cramps and nothing seemed to relieve them and I was in extreme pain, almost to the point of not being able to walk, we thought we had better check it out. How did this work out this way. Cigarette smoke is supposed to increase the clotting factor, causing you to be at a higher risk. NOT the other way around. Just ask any one who smokes what the sides of the package say. So, I did what the doctor suggested. I got a bottle of good red wine. That stuff was more expensive than the one pkg of cigarettes. In fact it was more expensive than several packs of cigarettes. It made me feel fuzzy, uneven, and generally off balance. It tasted even worse. I sipped for my first glass of red wine. I had never had it before. I think I will stick to the occasional margarita. They taste better and since I only drink them on special occasions, like maybe 3 times a year, this option of drinking a 4 ounce glass of red wine seems completely ridiculous to me. And it is worse than slowly sipping on the liquid cold remedies. So, I guess I really am one of those people who fall between the cracks so to speak. I can't tolerate the taste of wine, don't like the fuzziness of so called pain killers or the booze and drugs they put one on to alleviate the depression, which they have clearly stated I do not have a bad case of of, so what's next I wonder? Pain management thru meditation? I already do that. That is the only way I can get thru it. That and writing about it. If there is another way, I wish someone could come up with it.

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