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You Never Know
September 20 2010

The sunrise was beautiful that morning, thought Sarah. Rick had already left for work, and she sat finishing up the last of the coffee. Sitting out on the front porch of their side of the duplex early in the morning had become a habit for them now that spring had hit. They were divided by the drive ways, so it didn't disturb the neighbors. She had even told the couple when they moved in that if it did disturb them to please let them know. They had been assured it wouldn't. Then within the last couple of days things had changed. The man was no longer around. He had upped and moved out, leaving the woman alone. She hadn't seemed to be upset, in fact they had parted in good company as far as anyone could tell and the woman's spirits had remained high. Oh well, thought Sarah, one never knew what really went on behind closed doors. But that morning everything changed. Actually, it had changed a few days ago, when the landlord had come by to collect the rent as he did on the 3rd of every month. The lady told him she would have it by the end of the week, that her check hadn't come in. But, by the end of the week, she didn't answer the door when he came over and he asked Rick if they had seen her. They told him no, not wanting to get into something that wasn't their business. After all, they themselves had only been there a couple of months and didn't want to gain the reputation of being trouble makers. Perhaps, Sarah thought to herself, they had been wrong. Maybe they should go to the landlord about this. After all, last night when the lady came home, she had found the door with a deadbolt on it. She climbed in a window that she had left unlocked. There was a notice on the door. This morning, there was a different car in the drive way, and Sarah thought maybe she had worked it all out. What Sarah didn't know was that there was a man sleeping in the car and it wasn't the man who had moved in. When he popped his head up it had totally surprised her to see some strange man starring straight at her. In fact, it had downright scared her. As she went back into her home and locked the door behind her, she heard the car door open and few minutes the man, another woman and the lady who lived there left. When they returned, once again the woman went in by the window. It was a scary thought that someone was entering the home next to where she lived by a window. What was next. Next came several young people dressed weird. Sarah decided to give up working on her flower bed and just go in and lock her doors. After the young people left perhaps she would go back out. But then again, since these people were virtually strangers perhaps not. She went around and checked all of her windows and closed her blinds. She didn't like living behind closed blinds. She loved the sunlight, or even the cloudy days. At least they had a smaller back porch, perhaps they should start having their coffee out there in the mornings. But then, if they did that, they wouldn't get to watch the sunrise. It was just about an hour later that Sarah heard the ruckus going on next door. As she opened the door she saw the man come running out and quickly shut the door. She dialed 911 and as she watched the ambulance pull away, she knew then that they should have said, "yes, we saw her this morning to the landlord as she went in a window". If they had, the ambulance wouldn't be hauling off 2 dead women, and she wouldn't be scared chitless because she had seen the mans face and was now headed down to a police station to give a description and a detailed report of the last few days. She was glad her windows were locked and had been assured that their belongings and animals were safe as she watched her home fade slowly out of site. You just never know.

(c) jesse_jean
sept. 20, 2010
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