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Our Soldiers are Our Heroes

Our Prayers, thoughts admiration and love go out to our men and women who are serving our country “the United States of America” for the cause of democracy and freedom. Our soldiers are hero’s who display acts of courage. As well, as for those courageous soldiers who have made the greatest sacrifice or who have been hurt while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our hopes and prays go to the families, loved ones, and friends of these brave men and women. We hope that situation in Iraq and Afghanistan will let for all of our men and women to come home soon.

Whether our men and women go overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan to support freedom and democracy, stay in the United States or are stationed on a base in other parts of the world, they are protecting our country. Many of them will be America's future leaders.

Whether you are one of the many men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, based in the United States, in another country, or if you are a love one, or just someone who cares. We call upon you to participate in emailing us letters with you personals thoughts and feelings about the war and the soldiers who are protecting us and making great changes for the future.

We do not hear enough about all the good things happening for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan by our American and Coalition military. Soldiers have shown us pictures of them and their comrades with Iraqi's and Iraqi Children. They have been building Schools, Mosques, Infrastructure, rebuilding the police force, army, and so much more. The fact that around 60% of the Iraqi people voted in the face of threats to their lives is a testimony to our brave men and women have helped so much in Iraq. It is also a demonstration to the courageous Iraqi people who showed the world they do in fact want to choose their own destiny.

For those Moms and Dads, Husbands and Wives or other relatives who have lost a loved one in combat, you can write an email and share with America about your soldier. You can talk about their lives, why they joined the military, about their faith, similar to what they would write themselves. Perhaps you could take what they wrote in letters to you where they shared stories about the good works they and their comrades did to help the people of Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

We encourage all Americans to write to us. We are also looking for stories about welcome home celebrations for our brave men and women when they come back to their bases and back to their home communities. Please send us any of the welcome home celebrations that you have shared. These soldiers are our heroes. They should be recognized and rewarded with our words of appreciation.

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