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Too Close for Comfort
December 10 2010

The woman looked around at the waiting room. Too many people were sitting there, waiting for the results from tests, from doctors. Too many people were holding their breath, just praying the news would be good. A woman paced back and forth, waiting for news of her grandson. He had been admitted with just flu like symptoms. Those symptoms turned out to be a little more. The young child would be celebrating his first birthday in a hospital room. At least he would be celebrating it. This year, and then starting the next day, he would be wheeled into an operating room, to fix the tiny defect that he had been born with. It was just a tiny hole, one that had grown instead of closing up. The hole in his heart and it was getting larger by the day. Another man was waiting on his wife, who had been diagnosed with alzheimers. The line, the stories went on and on. And yet, for each of these stories, there was one worse. Someone was living under a bridge. Somewhere a child was hungry. There seemed to be no end. An advertisment in the newspaper asked for donations to help a Santa promotion to feed hungry people a Christmas dinner, and all the while, a couple bowed their heads in prayer, thanking God for the fact that they had gotten the paycheck and that it was 12 dollars over the amount of the rent. In todays world, everyone is living on the edge that is TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. All we can do is believe in whatever or whomever we believe in. We have no choice but to believe in what we can't see, because what we can see is too sad for us to comprehend. We try not to close our eyes, or look the other way, but when we do, we realize that is not the answer. So, the answer seems to be to just hold on to that faith that we do have left.

May the Angels of love be with you all.

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