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December 13 2010


by A.J.Angerstein

Some wouldn't consider these things miracles, but I do.

Seeing the eyes of someone who just landed a job.

Watching a sick child being released from a hospital.

Being told where one could find emergency food supplies

Listening to a child ooh and ahh over pretty Christmas lights

Seeing a single flower bud in the middle of Winter

Listening to someone who has just found that job tell everyone who
will listen, and hearing the pride in their voice.

Listening to a person with Alzheimers remember something from long ago.

Being able to smile in times of personal strife

Seeing a stranger assist someone in unloading their basket at a grocery store.

Seeing the Hand of God in everything from the dirt, to the hands of the person who was given the gift of knowing how and teaching others how to perform even the simplest of tasks.

Learning that others may not think of the Creator as God, but being able to accept the fact that they have the right to believe in what they believe in, just as we do.

That last one my friend, is the real miracle. Acceptance of others for
who they are, and for what they believe. That is perhaps what we all should be praying for. For until the time comes when we can do that, there will be no peace on earth and we will continue to see and hear
the horrendous things we are accustomed to hearing and seeing in the headlines.

May the Angels of love be with all.


copywrite A.J. Angerstein , December 13, 2010
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