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Cedar Fever Has it
December 16 2010

Cedar Fever has it Texas. Especially around the Austin area. I know, because I have it. My teeth hurt, my eyes bulge, my nose turns red and in general I look like someone who has just stepped out of spaceship. I feel like it too. My head feels as big as a football field, and my eyes are crossed. I am cold. Today is the first day there hasn't been any wind to the extent of being blown away when you walk out the door. Of course walking out the door is no longer an option for those who suffer from this ailment. It is mid winter in Texas and what happens? we come down with allergies. one would think that mid winter would cure this problem, but it doesn't. So, if any of yall in storyleap land are thinking about spending the holidays here bring plenty of hankies, and be prepared. Kleenex is the biggest selling item this time of the year. have a merry christmas.
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