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Egyptian Protests/Revolution of January 25th
February 10 2011

This story started long before Tuesday, January 25th or what has become better known as the “Day of Anger “. This story specifically started 30 years ago in Egypt , When then Vice President Hosni Mubarak was by default appointed presidential duties after then president Anwar Al Sadat was assassinated .From that day on Mubarak has done little to win over his people , some economic reforms and shallow and superficial political reforms here and there acted like Aspirins but were never satisfactory to ensure happiness in the Egyptian street .

 As far as one can remember almost EVERYONE was complaining from Mubarak all the time. Yet his iron fist approach to governing the country has weakened the opposition and put everyone else in a “shut your mouth, you’re gonna cause us trouble “mentality, and even parents would teach their kids “Don’t talk politics, it’ll get you killed or arrested “at times political opposition figures or even just average Joe’s talking about what they don’t like in the Mubarak regime would get kidnapped and unlawfully arrested and imprisoned at times for long years.This was the case for years, people just minding their own business trying not to get in trouble and trying to secure end’s meat or in Egypt “bread “, since many can’t even afford meat, a lot of the average population doesn’t even work for a Salary, their entire income is solely based on what they can earn in the morning to buy dinner with at night. Parents just caring for their kids and everyone staying away from politics and trying to avoid the regime or government in anyway shape or form, like a 4 year old trying to sleep but afraid from the Boogeyman.

That all changed when these scared do good and walk the fine line people’s kids grew to be bright youth. Youth that don’t care about making money since unemployment plagued the country and many of them gave up hope in that premise ,youth that may be better known as the “ Internet Generation “ if they don’t have a PC at home Internet Cafes are all over Egypt and they’re as cheap as 1 Egyptian Pound /Hour , approximately 0.15 American Dollars.This youth have grown to see the oppression they live in, the mental fear the government is trying to force on them. Labeling all freedom seekers traitors and poisoning the minds of those who don’t know any better; with thoughts that mainly convince the people that without this government the people are in chaos and imminent danger, even orchestrating fake terrorist attacks to keep the people terrorized and off course with fear the process of controlling minds becomes much much easier.The youth have finally had enough , the country is being robbed blind of its resources ,the ruling party elite and their social groups are making multibillion dollar business deals and skimming the top for personal benefit every single time they can. Selling state owned land worth billions to favored business men only for a few thousands and off course these business men have to give them a slice of the pie later when they profit .

The circle of corruption goes on and on stealing everything they can and terrorizing the people so no one can say anything and the brave ones that speak up either get threatened or just drowned down some way or another. This generation MY generation all the 20 -30 year olds out there have seen the internet have had contact with the rest of the world , have seen how it ought to be ,have learned how badly they’re being robbed ,how poorly tax payer’s money is being managed . To find in the end that most of this Youth is properly educated and unemployed and politically shut off and generally treated as second class citizens because they’re “young and foolish and don’t know what they’re talking about, and all they care about is their hair style and new fashion fads”. This was a truthful quote a university professor once said to us when observing the youth.Well guess what happened! All that corruption and constant put downs from the system and trying to imprison us in fear didn’t pay off. “we have seen the world we have been on the internet and we now KNOW THE TRUTH and we won’t give-up; yet we don’t know what to do “– this was a dominating thought in the youth’s mind lately more than ever, older generations might not know as much as they’re not exposed to as much technology and learning tools but the young ones, Oh boy! They can see the plan unfolding ten miles away.

The country being robbed for years and it’s made us sick to our stomachs.Then the police and interior ministry pushed it a step further and it was the tipping point to all these events. Basically what happened was a young man sitting in an Internet Café was approached by 2 police informers that told him to show them his identification and treated him in a disrespectful manner. He voiced his dislike for the treatment and things escalated and they ended up beating him up to death on the spot in front of everyone and terrorizing the entire neighborhood and telling everyone there that if they don’t like it or talk about it they will have the same consequences bestowed upon them.Protests emerged to voice anger at this incident, riot police provided more police brutality and it went away not calmly but it was dampened down by politicians and statesmen, that’s when it comes to the general population that is.

On the other hand the youth who are more aware decided to do something , very simple yet very effective a young man called Wael Ghonim decided to make a facebook group called “ we are all Khaled Said “ the name of the previously mentioned victim , and through this group he and several others voiced their anger towards the brutal system and started gathering many videos and proofs and acting as “ Keyboard Warriors “ as the term is being used now and started compiling on the Facebook page all that has to do with police brutality and corruption.Month after month things didn’t get better but rather worse with a staged terrorist attack on a church on New Year’s Eve! To further terrorize the people as is the habit of the government. This was the second tipping point after the government lies and investigations which lead to another young man being killed by the police while trying to interrogate him about the church bombings.

Then after the youth have had enough, all youth movements lead by the Khaled Said facebook group have decided to call on massive protests on January 25th which was met by more riot police crimes killing 300 and causing a ton of damage , and the government going as far as letting the inmates out of all prisons to scare the people off and labeling the protestors paid traitors by external and internal organizations to upset the safety of the country .Yet still the youth didn’t back off even after a couple of very blank and weightless ,meaningless speeches by the president that made the people even more furious after he announced that he won’t run for a next term and firing all ministers and putting together a new government in a failed attempt to absorb the anger which ALMOST worked . Until paid thugs and police units dressed like civilians wreaked havoc upon protestors that have now gathered and decided to stay at Tharir Square in the center of the capital Cairo, translated to “Liberation Square “.

These thugs and police starting killing people by using snipers on high buildings around the square even tried to run them over with horses and camels whipping people from above, the rest on the ground with swords and Molotov cocktails killing dozens more and wounding hundreds.This was the proof that killed any last shred that this government is seeking reform as the president has mentioned a few hours earlier .CAN YOU IMAGINE! Instantly after the president finished his speech, his thugs started killing protestors to try and make them go home terrified and never return again.Now after many multimillion man protests and a continuing protest/sit in at Liberation Square, the government is still detaining and abducting activists most infamously the creator of the Khaled Said page was abducted and held captive by the government for interrogation for 12 full days blindfolded for the entire period and many others that are less famous share the same fate every day.All of this because the government chooses to be corrupt and doesn’t appreciate the youth objecting to their destruction of our beloved country. Until this moment millions are protesting 3 days a week Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays and all with one unified demand that is shouted out by millions every protest/sit in and march “THE PEOPLE WANT TO OVERTHROW THE REGIME” the president of course as the figurehead but still all the corrupt elements of the regime that have sucked the blood of this country dry need to go way for these protests to stop.Which is a very fair deal don’t you think? On one hand the people and youth want good for their country and on the other hand the government

1.Let go of the inmates to terrorize the streets and fill it with thugs.
2. Withdrew all police and security personnel from all across the country to further increase the terror which was met by very serious and vigilant neighborhood watch groups that worked even better than the police when it came to securing the country.
3.Burned down all police stations and government buildings by using hired thugs “ which everyone saw with their own eyes “ and tried to blame it on the peaceful protestors , another cheap shot that failed
4.Even after promising reform, still unlawful abductions and arrests and inhumane interrogations are going on and the government and president in complete denial to what is happening ,still acting like it’s boss and that the people are ALL wrong and claiming all over national and international media that all these millions of protestors were pushed by many organizations and ulterior motives , never have they once admitted that these youth just want peace and freedom and dignity for their country , they just can’t admit that and admit that they’re corrupt thieves and instead they just try to backstab this popular unorganized and completely spontaneous movement.I guess this reminds us of the Nazi tactic of “All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.

 It works the same in any country. “Which the Egyptian government has carried out spot on and ended up in complete failure as still chants and protests and sit ins everywhere are chanting” We won’t leave until THEY the government leave”So you be the judge whose side are you on and how many souls need to be wasted before a couple of hundred thieves and murderers can be brought to justice and more importantly get pressured by close allies as the USA to start ensuring reform and ending this ongoing massacre of innocent peaceful protestors that are fighting for the most noble of causes “Freedom and Dignity”.
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