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What Went Wrong?
March 22 2011

In todays world, it seems like everything is going wrong. But, what if everything is going right? They say for every bad thing there is a good thing that happens also. I think I have tried a thousand times to reinforce this thought into everyone's head. Since I am lucky enough to have been blessed with gifts from the one and only Creator, there is something else that I want to reinforce.

You see, I myself am going thru a very hard time right now. I am disabled. My husband is my sole support as for as finances since Social Security has sent me a letter every week almost changing the payment schedule.

When a person is disabled they are also eligible to get food benefits. I am doing what I can do to help my family so I applied. I got them. Then I started keeping records on every little thing I reported. All of my husbands income, when he got laid off and had to go on unemployment for a short time, when he got another job, the change in income and what I was getting from Social Security.

When I went to Social Security they encouraged me to get all the help I can. I am not mentally disabled, which has been proven, just medically disabled, but not financially disabled. My husband works, and would also if he needed to, work several jobs to keep a roof over our head, and food on the table and the necessities coming in.

Today, I was informed as I got my review for another 3 months of food benefits, that I had committed fraud. That I was not telling them the truth about social security, nor had I reported that he had changed jobs, was laid off or was on unemployment. I informed the lady that yes, I had told them. I had called and even gone to their office. She then informed me that I had not. Now, I have several people that know for a fact that I did all of the above. I have several good friends who know that I am not a liar, nor would I ever knowingly commit fraud. I also have the person who picked me up from their office. I have the person who faxed over 20 pages to them, plus all of the fax verifications. The lady then informed me, she really didn't care what I had, that it had still been turned in as fraud and I could, if I didn't pay it back, be arrested. I told her fine, just tell me what I need to pay back and we will. She then informed me that I had gotten an enormous amount from social security. To date, I have only recieved a little over 800.00 in payments plus a partial award, which I also reported as soon as I got it. So, I read her the most recent letter I got. She informed me that I must be reading it wrong because no where was she seeing in my social security file what I was telling her and that I needed to fax it to her. SO, I faxed it to her. On the upside, I am also being told that everything will be fine by my wonderful friends. That they would never let me spend one day in jail for any of this nonsense. However, I am also thinking,

"Go ahead and arrest me. While I am under oath, and have my hand on the Holy Bible, I can honestly say that yes, Children of Fate is a true story and that yes, Dorrie, my mother was indeed murdered by someone who did commit fraud" I can honestly say,
"Since you are trying to convict me of fraud that I did not commit, then why don't you look into the case of fraud and murder that I told the sherrif's department about, That I called a judge about, that I talked to my preacher, the hospital social worker who was handling Dorrie's case, that I talked with a lawyer about, as well as turning it into Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Veterans. Why don't you try to find the man who is claiming to be my brother, that my biological mother gave birth to sometime in her fifties. Why don't you ask the woman who whited my name out on the funeral policy at the funeral home and put her name on it, why she did it? Why don't you call the insurance company that called me and said, "uh, what should we do?" and then sent the policy to funeral home as I directed them to do. Why don't you call the funeral home, the nursing home and the hospital and hospice and find out why I was never informed of Dorrie's death until she was laid out and the funeral was due to start the next day. Why don't you ask the person who called me the day that she came down with this so called carbon monoxide poisoning the month before she died and ask why she told me that the "BITCH WOULDN'T MAKE IT THIS TIME?" "
So you see, everything really does have a silver lining. Maybe if I can get on the stand under oath for 3 months of what they call fraud, when it amounts to less than 1000 dollars and I will pay back if there is a mistake on my part, then maybe I can get someone to listen to me about this other thing, my biological's mothers death to cover fraud that had been going on for quite awhile, then going to jail for this would be worth it.

One never knows what is around the next bend or what will become of what happens.

Because of the earthquake in Japan it has made all of the world more aware of what can happen, and yet everyday they are finding more and more survivors. People are bonding. Wether the dark side wants them to or not, people are bonding. People are realizing that this WORLD IS OUR HOME.

More and more people are realizing that it is possible for people with gifts like automatic writing and being able to communicate with the other side, and feel things to believe in a Creator. How can so many people believe that we came to live on this earth and this earth was created by some big bang theory is realistic. It is okay for people to believe what ever they want as long as they respect everyone else's right to believe what they want.

I know that this blog has several issues in it. I know that some will think this woman is nuts. I know some will think that this woman can't get passed certain issues. When a brick wall forms around you, and you can't break it down, use what ever you have, whatever happens in your life to break it down and live. Don't ever give up hope that it won't come down. Brick walls are made of mud and water and that is about all. They can be busted down with trust and faith in whatever you believe in and trust in yourself. I know with all of my heart all of these things will be resolved. And if it takes one to solve the other then so be it. We all go thru trials, it is meant to be, we all go thru things that we just can't see. We all have brick walls that we can't bust, all it takes is a little trust.I can sleep at night when the stars are bright, I can sleep during the daylight. I can close my eyes and sleep in ease, because I know that I have complete peace. I know I did nothing wrong, it is just a matter of proving it, and staying strong. Believe what you will, believe what you want, just don't forget to sing a song. Shout it to the clouds stand firm in your beliefs, and those brick walls will come down in an eyes blink.

So when you think, "WHAT WENT WRONG", take a deep breath and then sing your song. For what you might think went wrong, might be right after all. There is a plan, that was laid in place, and all it takes is the right time and space, for everything to fall in place.

copywrite A.J. Angerstein
March 22, 2011
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