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Tornado in Hamilton

On Wednesday, November 9, 2005 a powerful tornado touched down briefly in the Hamilton, Ontario neighborhood. Within seconds an elementary school had sustained a structural damage that deemed it uninhabitable. Two houses had their roofs ripped off by the twister leaving the residents to deal with financial and emotional consequences of yet another show of nature’s wrath.
Sean, an area resident was on the backyard with his wife Leigh around 4 PM when sky had suddenly turned dark. Before they could understand what’s happening they saw a twister moving through the backyard from the outer side toward the house. They only had a second to react. Sean and Leigh hurried inside the house a moment before the tornado had blown off the backyard door. In the mere moments the wild weather phenomenon atypical for this time of year had inflicted significant damage to their property, ripping off an outside gas heater, scattering pool equipment, and breaking the windows.
Understandably, Sean and Leigh are feeling distressed as they had escaped a serious injury or even death. Sean is experiencing difficulty concentrating and insomnia as a result of that stressful encounter.

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