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Why Am I writing this New Version of Children of F
May 20 2012

When I first wrote Children of Fate, emotion was running rampant within me. I had not only faced my biological's mother death, my brother, his soon to be ex wife and her spouses death, her boyfriends death, and many many death threats from that alone, but I had also faced Momma's death, ( the woman I had known as Momma) for many years as well as 2 other sister -in-laws, one cousin and a neice and my biological sisters death. All of these occurred in a very short span of time. My other biological brother was already deceased. If that wasn't enough, I was then getting death threats from my biological mothers death. I turned to just about every person I could think of for help, my preacher, attorneys, sheriffs, uniformed policeman, a couple of judges and all got the same answer. You are probably right, they probably did 'off her' as you think. After all, even her own doctor couldn't figure out how she had gotten the carbon monoxide poisoning. If at this point some of you are thinking, "Did you ever think of turning to GOD?" The answer is definitely, in fact it was an ongoing daily, minute to minute thing with GOD. I not only was suddenly facing the social security department, and the veterans, along with Medicare and Medicaid and having to prove I wasn't the one who signed those checks while she was in a coma, as well as finding out who the man was that was claiming to be my brother but wouldn't come forward to prove it, yet insisted on trying to sue the nursing home, I was asking the hospital and hospice and the nursing home why I wasn't notified when she did indeed die. All the answers were getting me nowhere. Then came the insurance company, and them telling me someone had changed the beneficiary on the policy,, and it was for such a small amount, just enough to cover expenses, and so little left over that I told them to put it in a collection plate, or to put it toward someone else's expenses, it seemed the least I could do. I hadn't been able to mend the relationship with my biological mother but I kept having that stupid dream. It continued night after night after night. Then I decided Well, if I couldn't solve it in my mind, I would write about it, time and time again until I got it all figured out. Well, that time came about 2 weeks ago, and once again, I was able to write about it. I had actually thought about burning it. I had put it away, and was determined to never open it again. But then, walla, someone said something that clicked and all the answers just fell into place. So, I decided to rewrite it, the very best I could, and then perhaps I could finally let it go. That is until a few days ago, when I got a phone call, telling me that another relative of mine was attending a funeral and was told that ____ and did I remember her? had said'' yada yada yada, and that is when it really fell into place, so I decided that yes, I would post it rewritten once again. Am I concerned that they might find out that I know? Oh, they already have. In fact I was informed that they were trying to find me, in a round of bout way of course. In fact they have called my aunt several times, trying to find out if she has heard from me and if I would be interested in putting some of my songs on a certain site with another cousin. My answer was no and no they do not know where I live. If they see it on here, oh well. If they approach me oh well, this time, I have the evidence needed. So persistence does pay off and that is why there a new version of CHILDREN OF FATE, KNOW AS C-O-F (REVISED). Yes, some of it is fiction. Most of the entire story tho is a real life drama that I did go thru. And quite frankly I do hope they see it. Because you see, I really do have the light on my side, I really do have the law on my side now and I really do have God on my side. And now I can write the story, still with emotion, but also with that reality that I no longer have to be afraid. I have proved I did not sign those checks while she was comatose, that I am not crazy and that eventually justice will be won. It may not be until they get their day of reckoning, but from what I hear, they are all going thru hell right now, where as writing this story for the last time is setting me free from hell. And that is why I am writing it, one last time. Putting it on here is my way of publishing it. Thanks Stan, for giving me the opportunity to do it. besides, there is still another death that happened last year, and that death was just one more person they had to get out of the way that also figured it out. If I rewrite it, then maybe these deaths will stop happening because of this. And maybe, just maybe, this time instead of saying yes, you are probably right, they will say, hey we should've listened the first time.

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