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I am not sure how to say this,,,,
June 30 2012

The re-writing of and trying to entertwine Children of Fate and Then She Crossed has been stopped. I have gotten many comments from friends who have been reading it as I am trying to write it who has said,,"It's okay,, the original version is better, quit trying to take the emotion out of it."

There has also been several new things happen recently. Since the book is posted as non-fiction, I think I can pretty well say, "yes, I am Jennah, I am Katrina, and I am Suzannah, all combined. Their joys, fears and experiences are all mine. However, Having Katrina be the one who did indeed murder Dorrie in the book is a completely fictional act on Katrina's part. The fact is that the threats have picked up again, for some unknown reason, and I have decided to go about this in an entirely different manner. Not the book, someday I do hope it will be published.
However, we have now indeed contacted an attorney, and we now have absolute proof that yes, Dorrie was admitted to Hospice by unknown parties, and not her only living child, and that yes, the beneficiary on the minute funeral insurance policy was changed after Dorrie's death, and the party is now known. So for now anyway, I am going to have to give some serious thought as to how to proceed with this story.
I wish to thank Stan for his patience and his understanding as I have been an off and on writer for several years and yes,, the stories Children of Fate, and Then She Crossed are indeed more fact than fiction.

peace to all

jesse (aka) A.J.Angerstein
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