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Myrtles' Revenge
July 15 2012

Myrtle was old, and she knew she was going to cross over, probably sooner than later. However, she had a few things to clear up first, so she decided she just needed to do it. Myrtle also knew that she was going to be murdered and she needed to tell her only living child, the one she had just given away shortly after birth who was going to kill her, and why they wanted to kill her and her daughter. She wanted her to understand, but something kept getting in the way. Whenever she would work up enough courage to tell her daughter about it, something always seemed to happen, like a nurse walking in to her room, or the phone ringing. On the one day that Myrtle was determined to tell her daughter, who she had named Jessie the phone wouldn't stop ringing and Jessie had gotten up and unplugged the damn thing. The problem was that the person calling was in cahoots with the man who wanted her dead so she would keep her mouth shut. As she was about to tell Jessie her long kept secret, the man and the caller walked in.
"mawmaw, why aren't you answering the phone? I was trying to let you know we were here." Then she noticed Jessie sitting in the chair.
"Well, that explains it. Aunt Jessie, I am taking Mawmaw back home with me as soon as she gets out of this hospital, and don't you dare try to stop me. By the way, this is my new boyfriend, Glen".
"Ah, I see, well you and your new boyfriend can just turn around and leave. I gave specific instructions on what your visits are supposed to be like and since I am her only living child, and everyone knows it, you can't do anything at all, because she is signing the durable power of atttorney papers, today."
Glen walked over to where Myrtle was sitting up in the bed and moved the lunch tray. Then he leaned over and said "give me a hug Mawmaw." Myrtle stiffened up. This thing had gotten way out of control and now she was just going to have to give in and go back to her old home. Her time with her daughter, the one she had hoped to build a relationship had flown out the window when Glen walked in. She didn't even know he was out of prison and wondered why, because she was the reason he was in prison.
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