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Prayers and Wishes
December 4 2012

Prayers and Wishes

The woman starred out the window. There was no snow, and her mood was sinking very low. Not really her mood, it was kind of hard to describe, for what should have been a cheery season, was more like taking the fast track ride. She had a fervent belief in the Great One, the Creator of All, but the happenings of late, were just making hard tears fall.

She would have sworn she had met the devil himself, in person, in a crowded store, at least two times, if not more. She knew money was important, but not so much one had to sell their soul, yet she had sworn not to be left out in the cold. If nothing else, the Christmas gifts would be hand made, the lights would be aglow, and the tree in place. If that was all they were to be granted, if the answers to the prayers and wishes were "NO", then there had to be a reason, for it to be so.

As she watched the cars go by, and heard the sounds of the seconds ticking away, she wondered why the answers were still in the bay, yet to wash up to shore. The sounds of the waves were crashing against the brick walls, but the walls were standing firm and tall. The estimate on the car was far more than anticipated, the bills were to be paid, and Christmas was just a couple of weeks away. The stresses were weighing heavy, yet she continued to silently pray. The only answers she could hear were "NO". However, she refused to give in, so she left her spot and headed for the door, hoping a good walk might help her mood, and wipe away her tears. Walking wasn't on her exercise list, but at that point she just didn't care, she just needed to make sure their cupboards weren't bare. Her husband was at work, and the check was there, all she had to do was go out the door, and down a few stairs.

As she walked outside, she looked around, an old man was bending down to the ground. "I found a penny", he said with a grin. "I am going to go have a hot cup of coffee, over there. They only charge twenty cents a cup and I have twenty two." She smiled and was glad someone else was having good luck.

As she walked in the store she glanced around, and saw a child grab a toy from the shelf. "Please mommy"? The child's eyes were bright, but the mother just sighed. "Not today, honey", she said as she lead the child aside. Her tears were held at bay, just as the waters had been held by the walls, but the woman decided she was going to make those walls fall. So, she picked up the toy and headed to the stand. They could eat biscuits and gravy tonight, her husband would understand. She searched the store, and when she found the woman, she walked up and put the gift, stapled in the bag quietly in place, and then turned away. On it she had written from Secret Santa, but knew the woman wouldn't recognize Santa, without the red suit.

She did her shopping then started out the door, but as she walked across the lot, a car stopped.

"Hop in Santa", she heard a woman say, "I see your sleigh has drifted away".
Each others name they never knew, but as she drove away, the woman looked at her with tears, and quietly said, "It's the least I can do, for the Secret Santa, who made my child’s' dream come true. Thank you".

When the woman got out of the car she had tears in her eyes, "Thanks for making my prayers and wishes come true, I guess we both have a Secret Santa, we never knew", and the driver smiled as she drove away.

Don't give up on your dreams, or your prayers. The answers you receive, even if you think are negative, may turn out to be positive and true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
amy jean
copyright, A.J.Angerstein, 12/4/2012
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