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Once Again
April 25 2013

I am compelled to write again. I am not sure why, nor do I even know what I am to write about. Children Of Fate, Then She Crossed, are both about the same person, the same subject. However, the story has been completely revised, something I had started on here, then stopped, then started again. The ending still isn't quite clear, however as little as two months ago, I was once again contacted about the subject. This time, a new and different player has emerged upon the scene. I simply picked up the phone this time and called the district attorney of that county and one of his aids, co-workers, etc. called me back and asked if I could send as much information to him as possible. I did so. Then I received an answer back telling me that if I should by some chance receive any more threats or contacts that I needed to take out restraining orders. Since writing this story has been a life-altering event in my life, it still to this day haunts me. I have done what was suggested and have not received any more threats, however, there seems to loom an ever awareness that one day, someone will show up at my front door and begin this all over again. So, as I previously stated. Perhaps the ending is as of yet unfinished.
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