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Not Really A Story
April 30 2013

Today, I do not seem to be able to write. I know, you are probably thinking to yourself, "you really are nuts lady, you are writing right now". However, it really isn't a story. It is just a day, a need to write, yet without having a theme, a real story line. The level of concentration that is needed for me to is usually quite low. You see, I really meant it when I said that when I write, the words are there, within me, as if they are being felt. I don't have to imagine a scenario, it just flows, as if a river is flowing down a mountain. If a word is spelled wrong, then it is because it is not the correct word for me to write. If it doesn't just flow, it usually makes no sense at all. Believe me, I know how crazy this all sounds, it sounds crazy to me also. But that is the way it really is. Is it paranormal? I have no idea. Is it automatic writing? I do not know about that either. Maybe it is, and I just don't realize it. It is sort of like the dreams that I have that are catch me off guard, and usually come true. Like when my great -grandfather died. Or when the story about the bus accident. So, I guess that today is really not a story, it is more like I just need to write. I can feel the need to write, and these are just the words that are coming out. So, this will be one of those writing episodes that I will have to say is non-fiction.
A.J. Angerstein
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