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New Direction
November 12 2013

Several months ago, after being let go from my most recent employment, I began to have a very strong feeling that I needed to find a new direction for my life. I had no idea what that direction should be, I just knew that it was pressing on me very heavily. I tried to think of what it might be. Did I need a new career? Did I need a new outlook or philosophy? Maybe I needed to move to a new place. Nothing seemed right. But a couple of months after this feeling appeared, I began finding things like a book titled “Heaven Is For Real”, written by a reverend named Todd Burpo, chronicling his son's experiences when he nearly died on the operating table. Shortly after this, I felt I should check out the Faith and Spirituality section of Netflix. There I found many great movies, but the one that resonated with me the most was The Encounter. I highly recommend watching it if you haven's already. After this I watched the Left Behind II: Tribulation Force movie starring Kirk Cameron, which led me to read the entire book series. Twelve short books, less than 300 pages each, but a story so amazing that I finally realized what this feeling of needing a new direction was, and where it was coming from. So that same day, just after beginning the first Left Behind book, I knelt and accepted the gift that Jesus gave all of us when he died on the cross.

As soon as I did that, the “new direction” feeling went away, and I was filled with an indescribable joy and contentment, and a feeling of peace. There is no real way to explain it, except to say that my heart felt swollen as if it might burst. If you have gone through that, then you know what I mean. I know now that God was pressing that feeling on me to help guide me to Him, as well as placing the movies, books, etc, in my path so I would notice them. I'm glad he did, and I always will be.
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