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The fear of losing a child never truly leaves a parent. Occasionally we relax our guard only to hear in the news the real-life horror story such as the one taking place in Portugal with the abduction of Madeleine McCann.
Those of us living in the Western World would like to believe that we are relatively safe and that the monsters praying for children would not dare to snatch a child from an affluent couple in the middle of Europe and hope to get away. However our sense of safety just suffered a severe blow.
If you have lived through an abduction of your loved ones share your story with the rest of us. Understanding your experience may one way or another help us bring Madeleine or other missing children back to their families.
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Comments from Our Readers

  "Fortunately, this is one experience that I have never had. However, it has long been a desire of mine to help find missing people and reunite and ease some of the pain. Stan, I wish I could post my stories as fiction. Unfortunately, I can't. Because every story I have written has some truth in it, in fact, most of them are completely true, having been lived thru by either myself, or someone I am close to. Thank you for stopping by and reading my writings. If you wish to know more about Children of Fate, you can I believe contact me thru email someway or the other thru storyleap. I am not quite sure how but I would bet someone could tell you how to do just that. Just make sure you put COF in the subject line, as I do not open emails from those I have not heard of. jesse. I like reading your posts by the way. Have a happy Holiday. " - jesse_jean57, December 26 2009 - reply

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