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Everyone’s An Addict!

“Just say no,” goes the famous phrase. But if you could ‘just say no’ you wouldn’t have a problem, would you? If you could ‘just say no’ you would have a level of self-control that would allow you to choose your actions, rather than being a victim to them. While we can summon up a certain level of self-will to stop ourselves from doing the thing we know we shouldn’t, in the final analysis it doesn’t solve the problem – not even close. Because the problem isn’t the addiction. The problem is the ‘cause’ of it. And in America, our biggest problem is that we are a seriously addicted society unwilling to look at the reason why.

I’m not just talking about addiction to drugs, alcohol, and food – the usual suspects. I’m talking about our addiction to shopping, to TV, to internet (how long have you been surfing today?), to work, to entertainment, to technical gizmos, to sex – to anything that will distract us from ourselves, our feelings, our fears, and the facts of our lives. The real WMD’s we’re in serious danger of are the Weapons of Mass Distraction. Yes, we are addicted, finally, to distraction.

But why? What are we so afraid we’ll find if we just stop, become still, look around us and look within? What are the monsters we’re running from with our daily to-do lists and shopping binges? What is hiding in that hole within us that we keep trying to fill up, stuff down, and lock away forever?

There is a much more serious problem facing us than the enemies ‘out there.’ We are being traumatized by terrorists from within our own minds. “The enemy is in your own household,” goes the saying. And it’s true. And no amount of food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or shopping is going to defend us against our inner demons.

I’m sure some of you are reading this and thinking that I’m dead wrong, that the problem is the food, the pill, or the bottle. To you, I offer a challenge. The next time you feel the urge to splurge, ‘just say no.’ Stop. Become still. And become aware of what’s going on inside of you. Feel your feelings fully. Watch your thoughts mindfully. Only in the quiet of our own heart, will we see what’s really running us. By seeing, we will begin to reclaim our power. And empowered, we will finally have true free will…the will to ‘just say no’ to what we don’t want…and the courage to say ‘yes’ to what we do.

Please share your own stories of addiction and healing with us. So many people are feeling lost and alone in their struggles. By sharing our own, and hearing others’, we realize we’re all in this together. We’re not strange – not even strangers. We’re not ‘broken’ -- and we’re not unfixable. We’re just human. And in our authentic human sharing, we can find peace, comfort…and, ultimately, freedom.
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Comments from Our Readers

  "quite frankly, it doesn't sound crazy at all, it seems you have hit the nail on the head. " - jessejean_57, December 16 2009 - reply

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