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Camel Leaks
[ Non-fiction : Humour/ ]

We have to qualify yearly with our assigned weapon and being in Iraq did not alleviate this requirement. It was June and the temperatures were soaring in the mid 120's.
We lay on the ground roasting in our armor. We drank warm water and pulled up our gloves to prevent ourselves from getting burns from our rounds. Every few minutes someone would call out "Drink Water" and like automated robots we all took a drink from out Camel Back Hydration system
Finally someone declared a "bio break" and we all stood up to find some shade. As we got up and brushed ourselves off one of the soldiers was trying to cover himself up. Of course this just attracks more attention and as we look we see a tell tale wet spot across the front of his pants. "I rolled on top of may Camel Back" he kept repeating but we all new "the truth" the bio break was just a few seconds too late.

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