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Under Fire
[ Non-fiction : War/Conflict/ ]

We were driving through several of the local neighborhoods in Kosovo delivering medical supplies to the local medical centers. The "centers" were miles apart from each other and spartan in their equipment but not lacking in persons needing care.
Driving past a local mosqueit was of note to see a US Tank parked out in front.
Upon entering we were greeted warmly by the groundstaker. He gave us a tour of the mosque and walked all of us out back. Though using a translater through most of this interaction when he brought us out back he insisted the translator stay behind. He led us to a cemetery about 200 yards from the mosque. He motioned to the hills off a little in the distance and said clearly "Bang Bang Bang" and pointed to the graves. No translator was needed to understand that this was where they buried the people who were shot trying to practice their religion. On the way out all of us thanked the men sitting in the tank who were helping the people in this community to have freedom of religion.
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