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My sister, my best friend

Twenty-four years ago my life as I knew it ended. It was over. Done with. And I could not have been more pissed off and bitter. I had been the only child for almost two years and one month, and some little pink bald thing decided she could come in and steal my thunder? Oh no she di'int! Twenty-four years ago my little sister Katie came into this world. Even though at first I totally despised her and wanted to give her away, now I can't imagine my life without her.

When Katie was a baby I disliked her so much that I'd bite her. My mom couldn't leave me alone with her because once I bit her forehead. Really hard. So hard that I think I drew blood. Once she got a little older and stopped stealing all of my attention, I thought, "Okay, so she'll play with me. This could be cool." Then she started taking my toys and I was back to wanting to put her up for adoption.

I cannot count how many times we fought. I cannot count how many times we'd yell at each other "YOU ARE SO NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE AND I AM NEVER PLAYING WITH YOU EVER EVER AGAIN! I HATE YOU!!!" I cannot count how many times I stole her security blanket just to see her freak out and cry. Once when she was probably almost in junior high I took it from her and ran into the bathroom off the kitchen. She was incredibly angry and took a bar stool and rammed into the door with it. To this day there is still a small hole in the bathroom door where the bar stool punctured it. And to this day she still has her security blanket, tucked away in a dresser drawer.

We definitely had a love-hate relationship growing up. But Katie was really almost never home as a teenager, and I was ALWAYS home because I wasn't as outgoing. She made fun of me for that, and I made fun of her for going out all of the time. Sometimes we would literally fight and have slapping matches. We'd chase each other and we'd always end up with one on top of the other, holding down their arms, and letting go every now and then to slap the other in the face. It was tough love.

Once I got into college and became more social we actually started hanging out and getting along better. We swapped clothes--sometimes with fights--and went to parties together and stayed up late talking and telling each other everything. Katie was always one of my best friends--your sisters always are--but it was during that time that she became my very best friend ever.

Katie and I together would make the perfect person. She compliments my faults and I do the same with her. I admire her for her personality and carefree life; she admires me because of my brains and sensibility. We admire each other because our own strengths are the other's weakness.

When my fiance and I talk about how many kids we want to have, I always say it depends on if we have a girl or not. If we have one girl and one boy, we're having a third or fourth until we have another girl. If I have a daughter, she's going to have a sister because I want for her to have the kind of relationship I have with Katie. I'll tell my daughter that she might hate her sister at first and they may fight and say horrible, horrible things to each other, but in the end she'll be her very best friend. She'll complete her, just as my sister completes me.
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