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Coldplay in Toronto
August 5 2008

What can I say. You had to be there. Coldplay played two concerts in Toronto on July 30 and 31 (2008) and I bought ridiculously expensive tickets on E-bay for the first show. Do you want to know how much?
You don't want to know, OK, it was $340 for the pair of tickets in section 104 at ACC. Is it what you pay on E-bay or was I taken for a ride? Regardless, it was worth it, even thought my wife had to leave half way through the concert to feed the babies.
The preshow or the warm up band (I don't know their name) was so bad I was ready to throw something at them if I could reach the stage. Coldplay did not come out till 9 pm (concert scheduled to start at 7:30) so everybody get buy their beer and snacks. Next time I am coming for 9 o'clock.
They opened with Life in Technicolor, the crowd went berserk, the music completely engulfed us, and the next 90 minutes was the closest to nirvana I have been, at a concert, anyways.
Every song was accompanied by a singing crowd 15000 strong. The unforgettable guitar riffs of the Fix You and piano in the Clocks sound even more amazing life. The tremendous energy of the fans, the lights and the backdrop of images on the giant screen completed the experience.
Chris Martin and Will Champion came out into the crowd to play a couple of songs making one audience member almost loose his mind. He stood facing Martin, singing along, rhythmically moving back and forth as in prayer at the Western Wall.
In the end the crowd wouldn't let the band go, so they played two songs for the encore, Don't Panic and Dubliners. The last one leaving nobody standing still, fans dancing to the Irish tune.
You had to be there.
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