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The Gift of a Daughter
September 28 2008
[ Non-fiction : Poetry/ ]

Darlene Pharris

Years of dreams and hopes
Visions of curls, ruffles and bows
All rolled into one infant child
Bringing with her a heart full of smiles

As the years rush past
She becomes a woman all too fast
Mother now has visions of a special love
Sent to her from above

Her heart is full of love and pride
As her grown daughter stands at her side
The infant now stands with such beauty
She fills a place designed for her truly

A motherís heart fills with love
Knowing her daughter is guided from above
And off into the world she goes
Where she is headed, mother does not know

Knowing their love can only grow
As through life they go
Now mother has new visions
Of curls, ruffles, and bows
Copy Right 2004

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