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Canada or somewhere else?
December 1 2008

Who would have thought that less than 7 weeks after our last election for prime minister that we would have the other parties that lost, join forces and topple the government that us, as Canadians chose. I, for one, think that this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life. WE, as Canadians are supposed to have freedom of choice, and we chose the Conservatives. The other parties are going to topple the Prime Minister and his cabinet and join forces for what, not the better good of Canada.

I was actually in labor and went and voted before I went to the hospital. I voted for the party that won and it does make me very angry to see the greed that other leaders have for our country. They think that because they are not in control, that they could join forces and be the new leader, all because we voted only a month and a half ago.

What do you think that the rest of the world thinks about Canada now? Do you not think that this is opening the door for chaos and destruction at home? WE have been involved with all parties being against the Conservatives for at least the past year, wanting to topple them, then Harper calls the election to put an end to that and for Canada to get ahead with world and home issues. Just to be hit by the other parties to break it all up and be in control.

I am so embarassed to be a canadian. I can't believe that we have to stoop this low, just to gain power that their country never gave to them. And that we as Canadian citizens have lost the right to vote who we want to be leader of our country.

I do wish Stephen Harper all the best of luck. I do hope and pray that you do remain in control and that, if they do over throw you, and I know that they are all evil and will over throw you, that you realize that it is all greed.

I pray for protection across this world and country at this time. We are all going to be facing bigger crisis if this coalition takes over. Do your jobs, quit complaining and being greedy and look after us Canadians. No one is helping me out in this country. Get back to work.
Deal with the Canadians that are stuck overseas and also the ones that just dealt with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Don't forget the little people.
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- I find our country a very funny one.

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