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I find our country a very funny one.
December 3 2008
[ Non-fiction : Current Affairs/ ]

It is really amazing to take a look at all of the responces online to the media's outlook at what is happening in the Canadian government. Yes, I am an angry, upset and embarassed Canadian. Yet, I do find some of the opinions of Canadian people, hilarious.

Yes, only around 40% of people voted for Harpers government, and the other 60% voted for the other three parties. However, at that time, it was not one huge party that was joined together for Canadians to vote for. It was not a coaliton vs. the tories. I wonder how votes would have changed for that election?

Also for people to think about, had it been the NDP or the Liberals who were in the same predictiment that the Conservatives are currently in, do you not think, that you as a Canadian would be angry that your party is going to be toppled over greed?

I for one, am truly amazed. IF you vote and your party wins, you are happy, if you vote and your party loses, you believe that your vote does not count. Not so. I voted in a riding, the person I voted for lost and is not the MP in this riding, however, the party I voted for won. NDP gained seats, I believe, Liberals lost seats, it is their worst showing in decades, and the conservatives gained seats. So does that make my vote not count, just cause the MP I voted for lost?

IF the coalition wants to topple the government again, which is what they want to do, then we, as the people of Canada should have a right to vote and for us to be heard. Jean, the Governor General has no right to take away our right to vote. I bet if we did go to another election, it is possible that the conservatives would win majority government and we would be happy, somewhat. Truth of the matter is... no matter what party is the winner, many Canadians will not be happy with the leader of our country. This is not an all for one and a none for all. We all have a say and we should have a talk with the people who we voted for seven weeks ago. Parliment should work, we just voted, They should not be sore losers and topple the government already just to be in power, by a new prime minsister who said...I won't be a quitter like Harper, if I lose the election, then turn around step down and to be replaced by a new member of the liberal party. So it is ok for him to become prime minister and then a second person and we still may not get to vote for either Liberal leader.

Pray for our country. Pray that God opens peoples hearts, minds and souls. I pray He comes back soon, because this world is in for some major judgement and it is coming.
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- Canada or somewhere else?
- I find our country a very funny one.

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